Cigna Substance Use Toolkit for Employers

* Resources to help prevent and manage addiction. SUBSTANCE USE TOOLKIT 955435 2/21 Offered by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, or its affiliates. Making it easier for individuals and families to get the help they need to get better and stay well. That’s our goal, and we work toward it by working closely with prescribing clinicians/dentists, pharmacists, advocacy groups, employers and regulators, and by applying our extensive, integrated experience across medical, behavioral and pharmacy benefits. Through integrated data and predictive analytics, we identify those who may be at risk – including first-time opioid users – and we manage use through our pharmacy benefit. And for those struggling with chronic pain, we offer counseling and alternatives. When we identify those at risk for substance use disorder or possible overdose, we deploy our behavioral experts and partner with providers to support interventions.

2 Resources for you and your employees. Resource Description › Substance Use Cost Calculator Develped by the National Safety Council, Shatterproof and NORC at the University of Chicago, the free, online Subtance Use Calculator provides employers with an estimated cost of substance use based on size of employee base, industry and state. › Broker Webinar Watch replays of The Opioid Epidemic: Cigna’s Response – a webinar series that highlights how connected behavioral, pharmacy and medical benefits can help identify and engage with people who are at a high level of risk for overdose. More information Visit the Substance Use Calculator website: Download this flyer with links to watch all four webinars in this series designed for employers to help employess avoid and manage addiction. In 2016, Cigna launched a initiative to work in collaboration with prescribing physicians to reduce opioid use by 25% within 3 years. Having reached that milestone early, we’ve set a new goal to reduce overdoses by 25% by December 2021. Read more here. It’s all part of our broader, ongoing commitment to help people and families prevent manage and recover from substance use addiction. Here are additional resources that can help you and your employees.

3 Knowing what’s available can help prevent and manage addiction. Following the collapse of his career and his recovery from drug addiction, Chris Herren has shared his powerful message with more than 1 million people* nationwide with the hope of reaching one. *Self-reported by Chris Herren, The First Day › Resources for Employees Cigna’s Substance Use Disorders web page focuses on changing the conversation about substance use disorders and behavioral health and offers free online resources. › First Day Presented by Cigna and Center on Addiction, The First Day is a film that follows former NBA player and wellness Advocate Chris Herren on his journey to talk with high school students across the country about the struggles they may face today, including substance use, other harmful behaviors and mental health problems. Click to download The First Day flyer and contact your Cigna representative for additional resources related to the film. Visit The First Day website and watch the trailer:

4 Substance use disorders can affect anyone, including those who know, work with, or live with someone who is afflicted. The first step is promote awareness of the disease of addiction, and the many forms of help. › Shatterproof Shatterpoof is a non-profit organization that helps parents prevent children from developing an addiction to alcohol and other drugs, and helps those afflicted gain access to proven and effective treatments and long-term recovery programs. Visit the Shatterproof website: In collaboration with 1.1 million prescribing physicians, Cigna helped reduce prescription opioid use by 25% among our commercial customers.1 Substance use hospitals identified by Cigna as Centers of Excellence have reduced costs per customer by 240% or $16,799 compared to out-of-network facilities.2 Additional substance use resources.

Every need is different. Our goal is to help find the right solution. › Employee Resources We’ve created a digital brochure like this one with substance use resources designed to support employees and their family members who may struggling with addiction. View and share the Substance Use Toolkit for Employees 5 Compared to Cigna Substance Use Centers of Excellence (COE), out-of-network facilities have shown a 71% higher readmit rate. COEs have also shown $4,080 lower costs per participant year.2 “ Behind every number, there are real people struggling along with families, employers and communities. Our commitment to reduce drug overdoses by 25% is a commitment to each and every one of them, and we look forward to working closely with our partners to meet it. ” – David Cordani, President and CEO Cigna Corporation

1. Cigna press release, Cigna’s PartnershipWith Physicians Successfully Reduces Opioid Use By 25 Percent – OneYear Ahead of Goal, March 2018. 2. Cigna 2018 and 2019 Book of Business claims study (6/1/18 through 5/31/19). Costs refer to allowed amounts, 30-day calendar readmissions, an industry metric. Results may vary. This information is for informational purposes only. It’s not medical advice. Talk with your health care provider when you need care recommendations. All Cigna products and services are provided exclusively by or through operating subsidiaries of Cigna Corporation, including Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, Evernorth Care Solutions, Inc., and Evernorth Behavioral Health, Inc. All pictures are used for illustrative purposes only. 955435 12/21 © 2021 Cigna. Some content provided under license. Where to go from here Contact your Cigna representative for more information about how these and other resources can support your employess and their families in the prevention and managment of substance use disorders. Help is always available, often at no cost to those who need it. Addiction is not a weakness. Let us help guide your employees to the support that can change and improve their safety and well being. More Information. Connect. Educate. Support. Starting today.